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Suicide Commando im Mai

Suicide Commando - When Evil Speaks (limited 3CD steel box)
Erscheinungsdatum: 03.05.2013

sc whenevilspeaks

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Track Listing:

Feeding My Inner Hate
My Blasphemy
When Evil Speaks
Attention Whore
Repent Or Perish
In Guns We Trust
Time (Rewind)
Evacuate (Where's The Exit Remix)
Song Of No Tomorrow

CD2 "When Hate Prevails":
My Blasphemy (Die Sektor Remix)
Attention Whore (Incestuous Remix by Alien Vampires)
When Evil Speaks (Shiv-R Remix)
My Blasphemy (Absolute Body Control Remix)
Repent Or Perish (vProjekt Remix)
When Evil Speaks (Sin Dna Remix)
My Blasphemy (Dust Remix by ES23)
Evacuate (Apocalyptica Remix by Betamorphose)
Attention Whore (Hydra Division V Remix)
Monster (Unter Null Remix)
My Blasphemy (Cygnosic Remix)
God Is in The Rain (First Black Pope Remix)
Attention Whore (Nano Infect Remix)
Song Of No Tomorrow (Controlled Collapse Remix)

Box Set Bonus Vintage Live CD "Rewind":
Murder live
TV-Obsession live
Traumatize live
Sheer Horror live
The Ultimate Machine live
Mortal Combat live
Where Do We Go From Here? (feat. Dirk Ivens) live
Never Get Out live
Save Me live
Time live
Fate live
See You In Hell live