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Lauschangriff (SaarTYR)

Sendungsdatum: 19.05.2024

Severe Illusion - The Wrong Way Home
Instans - Wrecked
Boar Alarm - Left Alive
Atropine - Obeisance
Blitzkrieg Baby - World on Fire
Mirland/Larsen - The Slaughter
Orpin Own- Lava
Monospore - Standing High
Dead Lines- Fearless
Bleeding In Silence - Nausea
Cardinal Noire - Controlled Addiction
Sever The Servants - Dread Bloom
Reptilicus - Snakes
Astarte's Heir - Chapter 4
Blood Magick - Dissolve Into Nothingness
Lucifer's Aid - Future Mess
No sleep by the machine - Kerfuffle
Neurotic Tremors / Distorted Cabaret - Underneath the mask
Finkseye - Deadweight
The Geography Project - View
Seven Trees - Dystopic Illusions (Blind Denial Remix)
Interlace - Elohim
Necro Facility - Anubis (Sidekick Mix By Interlace)
My Love Kills - Reign In Chaos
Circumpolar - We Will Remain