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Electro-Brunch (SaarTYR)

Sendungsdatum: 05.05.2024

A Industrya - The Redemption
Reality – Inspiration
Biopsy - Jig Saw You
SignaI To Death - Human Disorder
Aghast View – Payoff
Homicidal Feelings - Slave To Evil (:Wumpscut: official tribute)
kFactor – Conquer
Coma Frequency - Four Paths (Feat. Signal Operator Utter Voice Remix)
Signal Operator - Aus Fact [Chemical Sedation Version]
Epilepsy Morbid Rotten - Individual Hell
[aesthetische] - less but more
Frontrunner - Machine Age
Homicide Division - Dust to Dust
P59 - This Is Ilusion Of War
Machine Revenge - Absolut Reaction Control
Deadjump - Endless Pain
Morgue [ Morgue Mechanism ] - Nature's Freak | Fallen Angel Remix
Amorphous – Blackhole
N3VOA - No Less A Man
R3pvblika - Pode Ser (De Luxe Version)
Aguilatron Project - Frontline & Invaders
Euphorbia - Pater Noster